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01 Sep 2022

Run Tom & Nico!


Hola todas,

My name is Nico and I live with my family in Spain. My resolution for 2022 is to get out of my comfort zone. And that resolution has turned into a 21 kilometre race. Those who know me know that I have the constitution of a 70-year-old man, with a new hip, injured back, … And those who played football with me know me as the guy who always came last when we had to go running in preparation for the new season.

The longest distance I’ve previously run is 10 km (4 years ago in Valencia), so 21 km is quite a leap. Last time, I raised almost €1,000 for a children’s cancer fund. Today, we are aiming to raise € 5,000, which is five times more. I solemnly promise to do everything in my power to complete this 21K. Will you promise to support us so that we can raise the € 5,000?



Hello everybody,

My name is Tom and I would like to briefly ask for your attention. Nico Brams and I are in the midst of preparing for a top performance in the 1/2 marathon in gorgeous Valencia.



We would like to add another challenge to this adventure. We will be raising money for the Jan Vertonghen Foundation and, more specifically, for murals in the paediatric ward of a hospital.



Why murals, you might think? Wall paintings have been shown to give hope and support to sick children and can distract them during certain treatments, such as injections.



We have set ourselves a target of € 5,000: an ambitious but achievable challenge!



Every donation to the Jan Vertonghen Foundation’s account (BE25 0018 3700 3982), giving the reference RUN TOM & NICO, brings us closer to our goal.


Let’s run/go for it!