Every year thousands of young children have to go to hospital: away from home, school and friends and often scared about everything that is going on around them. During their admission to the hospital a lot of attention is of course paid to the medical diagnosis and care. But we should and will not forget about the child behind the ‘disease’.

What is more beautiful than letting all these children get away from it all for just a moment, making them forget that they are sick and showing that they belong. Just like that, by letting them play and encouraging them to always bring out the best in themselves. Despite their disease or long stay in hospital children still have a lot of creativity inside. So let’s focus on their personal expression and increase their joy of life. That’s what we are committed to!

In cooperation with hospitals across Belgium we will launch appeals to all these children to show the best of themselves by making pieces of art, focusing on a specific theme each time. Throughout the year we will give out awards for their dedication. Bringing the best out in every child is our goal, because every child is special!

In addition, we want to encourage hospitals to stimulate the creativity in children and to get children to move. We will be glad to support any initiatives hospitals may take in this respect.

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  • Queen Mathilde Hospital

    The Jan Vertonghen Foundation and the Queen Mathilde Mother­ and Child Centre –­ (UZA, University Hospital Antwerp) are joining forces!

    The children of the Queen Mathilde Mother and Children Centre will make pieces of art for the Jan Vertonghen Foundation, in cooperation with photographer, Nicolas Sonnet.

    By giving the children the opportunity to express themselves creatively, they are encouraged to bring out the best in themselves, despite their disease.

    The pieces of art will be auctioned and the proceeds will be used to build an interactive sports and playground on the roof terrace of Queen Mathilde Hospital.

    This is how we aim to promote exercise and rehabilitation in children, while they are playing.

    And children will not only feel the physical benefits, it will also help them mentally. For carers it is also nice to be able to help the children to make progress in a fun way, each at their own pace, step by step.

    Bringing the best out in every child is therefore our joint goal, because every child is special!

    We are very happy with this amazing project and thank the Queen Mathilde Hospital for the cooperation.

    Queen Mathilde Mother and Child Centre