“Every child is special”


Jan Vertonghen about his Foundation

amazing playground for patients on the two top floors, called VUmc Kinderstad. I just couldn’t stop thinking about what I saw there: all these gravely ill children who went back to being carefree children amidst the toys, the cuddly toys and the games. Right there and then I decided I would set up something similar one day.I decided to launch the Jan Vertonghen Foundation around the time of my 100th international cap, my 100th game for the Belgian Red Devils.

For me, the Foundation is a special way to appreciate how fortunate I am, being a football player, and to give something in return for all the support I have received from Belgium during my football career. I am now a father of three healthy children myself and I cannot imagine a better goal than dedicating myself to children who are not so fortunate.

Our vision

A world that allows children to use their full potential. A world where children can play together, regardless of age, origin, sex, physical or mental limitations.

Our objective

To create a world where every child feels special.

The Jan Vertonghen Foundation wants to encourage as many children as possible to play, move and be creative. We want to bring out the best in every child, because every child is special.

The Jan Vertonghen Foundation also wants to achieve that every hospital in Belgium is able to encourage children to get the best out of themselves and make them to feel accepted and connected with society. They are so much more than their disease, they remain special!

Moreover, the Foundation will also organise fun activities each year for sick, disabled and needy children.

Giving children the chance to feel that they are still children and that they can have fun, regardless of their physical or mental limitations, will definitely boost their well-being. That’s what we are committed to!


The key values of the Jan Vertonghen Foundation are:


  • Jan Vertonghen
  • Laetitia Mbenza
  • Frederic Lenders
  • Jeff Cavens
  • Piet Den Boer
  • Marcel Dubourg
  • Elodie Ouedraogo